You Nailed It May 06, 2016 00:00

Painting your nails is a right of passage, and we aren't mad about it!  Spring nail trends are keeping us on our toes.  There are some originals, with a twist.  Whether you want a french mani, polka dots, or a white out you will be right on point this spring.
French Mani:
The french manicure is a classic and won't ever go out of style.  This spring the french manicure is out in full force, but looking anything but natural.  Whether you want people to be green with envy, or something a little more neutral you will be sure to be on trend.  
Polka Dots:
The single dot is a trend we haven't seen before.  We have seen all over dots, but the single dot in the middle of the nail bed or lower portion is a new take on your favorite print.  Whether you want to layer it on top of another color, or just a fun pop of dot color you'll be happy!  
White Out:
The white out mani has been around for a while, but it screams spring!  We know white can be unforgiving, so when you are ready to rock the mani make sure to follow a few tips:
1. Use a base coat - because white is unforgiving you want a solid base coat to make things even. 
2. Make sure your nails are even and have good shape.
3. Keep your nails clean, because you can see everything on white! 
4. Use thin even coats of the polish.
5. Rock it!