Our Interview with UsTrendy.com December 09, 2015 15:37

I had the opportunity to answer a few questions for www.ustrendy.com.  Here is our interview!


As notorious Gretchen Wieners once said, “You wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you, right?” Of course not! Even the owner of our newest boutique, Hawk and Holly, notes her girlfriends’ vital wisdom for always staying on top of trends. With items like the Alice Anorak Jacket, the fab owners reveals why classic “with a twist” is the way to go! See the interview below!

-Describe your clothing line in three words. 

Classic, Easy, Chic. 

-What motivated you to open your own business? 

I was having a hard time finding classic items, that weren’t outrageously priced.  I love basics with a twist, and couldn’t find them anywhere.  I thought I could bring that to people. 

-Describe your style.

I am not huge into trends, I like to keep things simple.  Black, white and gray are my color staples and I think you can do so much with just those colors.  You can dress up or down an outfit so easily.  Putting on a black blazer for a night out, or a gray cardigan for a day at work.

-What does your boutique say about your style?

 I think it sticks true to my style.  We have plenty of classics, like a boyfriend tee, but also a flair of color or style like the heart sweater.  It is totally adorable, but not too over the top!  We want pieces that can last a lifetime. 

 –Your 3 wardrobe staples: Black jeans, blazer & nude pump

 – Favorite fashion decade: I think the 50’s were amazing!  The cinched waist dresses, and Grace Kelly!  Everyone was elegant, but still took risks. 

-What are you most excited to wear this season?  Capes and Ponchos!

 -You’d never be caught dead wearing: Overalls

-One thing you couldn’t live without: Mac & Cheese – urgh does it have to be clothing related?  Black jeans! (can you tell I am obsessed with them?)

– Favorite Celebrity Fashion Icon:  This is a tough one.  Right now I am loving Gigi Hadid.  She does so many classics, but also steps out of the box, but nothing eccentric and over the top.  She knows how to dress.  But I do love Jennifer Aniston, even though she wears black a majority of the time it always looks amazing and I am never bored with her. 

-What fad would you bring back?  None!  I look back at pictures from years ago, and think what was I wearing?!

-Perfect night on the town outfit: Pumps, a skinny jean, and a good fitting jacket.  I love when things are crisp and clean.

-What is your fav part about having your own clothing line/owning your own boutique? I love having a vision of what I want, and it coming to life.  It is amazing to see how versatile everything is and how it can work for each body type.  I have this group text with some of my girlfriends and I am constantly running stuff by them, whether its what they are loving now, or what colors are best (if I had it my way – everything would be black, white and gray :)).  It is neat to see what everyone likes and different opinions on things, it has opened my mind up tremendously.