#WCW - Blake Lively August 10, 2016 00:00

Where to begin with such a beauty!?  Those luscious locks, her wardrobe, or her hottie of a husband make us swoon over BL!  This girl is the whole package and we couldn't be more green with envy.  Since her days on Gossip Girl, Serena....err Blake has been making us jealous.  Her endless trips to Barneys, drinking mimosas before a reasonable hour and going anywhere the heart could desire her life on the show made us fall more in love each week.  Now that it has ended and we have watched her become a mom and wife, the love hasn't wavered.  Her hotties of a husband and the effortlessness she puts into everything makes her our #WCW.  
PS - did we mention her collection of Louboutins gives us heart eye emoji?!
Here are a few our of fav outfits
(to be honest, it was hard to only choose a few!)