Your Best Summer Skin August 16, 2016 00:00 1 Comment

It seems as though your skin is the one thing you can count on breaking out at the most inopportune time!  Whether it is a friends wedding, or a date you have had planned for weeks a pimple or blemish always pops up the day before and you can't seem to get it to go away.  We are giving you a few tips to keep your skin in tip top shape, and hopefully avoid those unwelcome facial visitors! 


1. Exfoliate - probably the oldest trick in the book, but there is a reason it has been around for what seems like forever.  We are currently addicted to our Clarisonic.  

2. Use a lighter foundation in the summer - since it seems like there is always too much sweat and oil in the warmer months, using a lighter foundation will let your skin breath a little more freely. 

3. Keep your skin hydrated - use a light moisturizer or even buy the water spritzing facial sprays.  We are loving the Evian facial spray. 

4. Drink water - and lots of it.  This will help with detoxification and get all the junk out of your system . Drink at least eight - 8 ounce glasses of good old water throughout the day, and more if you are in the sun!  Make sure to look into using a glass water bottle, it doesn't have all the toxins of a plastic one. 

5. Apply & Reapply - there is no such thing as too much sunscreen in our eyes.  If in doubt re-apply, or even wear a hat.  Also, many moisturizers now come with SPF 15 to keep you covered even on the least sunny of days. 

6. Oil free - like we mentioned above your face can become a oily mess in a hurry.  Always look for an oil free moisturizer or sunscreen to keep things light and acne free (hopefully)



We hope these tips leaving you glowing all summer long!